The Cellars Allow T-shirts, Tutus, Tiaras, And Crowns

The Cellars Allow T-shirts, Tutus, Tiaras, And Crowns

January 08, 2023

Anything Goes at the Cellars, from T-Shirts and Tutus to Tiaras and Crowns.

This past weekend, a friend and I went to New Orleans for the weekend.

At one point, we found ourselves staring in awe at a table that was piled high with pricey tiaras and was surrounded by women who were trying them on.

My buddy pondered this question as we made our way out of the store: "Who in the world needs a tiara?

Aside from a princess, of course. I couldn't help but giggle because during my time at 4.0, I've encountered an unexpectdly large number of tiaras.

However, I've witnessed significantly more than that in each of our tasting rooms.

At 8wine10, we do not have a dress code in place for our consumers (though, please do wear a shirt and shoes).

Something significant is being commemorated by many of our clients today.

A forthcoming wedding, an engagement, a birthday, a retirement, an anniversary, or any of these other life events.

As evidenced by the clothing they wear.


Because it is, after all, the state of Texas, we see that a great number of individuals are wearing apparel that represents their favorite sports teams...

Hence, an abundance of Texas Tech's red and black, Texas A&M's maroon, and the burnt orange and black of the University of Texas.

Several years ago, when we still stayed open late on Fridays and our property was still surrounded by open fields.

Two gentlemen rode up on horses, tied the horses up to the posts out front, strolled into the tasting room decked out in full cowboy attire (spurs and all).

And ordered a bottle of Shy Blush.


At that time, our property was still surrounded by open fields. This is not anything that could be made up.

Because they are so versatile, our tasting rooms are stocked with a wide variety of cowboy boots.

Including styles that look well with jeans, dresses, shorts, and even tutus (not kidding).

Some groups even coordinate their attire to look like it came from the same vineyard.

In particular, this is true for bachelorette group activities.


In one group that had a particularly refined sense of style. 

All of the women wore traditional Mexican shirts of a different hue, with the exception of the bride, who wore a white shirt.

Everyone agreed that they gave off an elegant and jovial vibe.

The "matching t-shirts with different wine slogans and boots" look is a popular choice for many bachelorette party parties.

The following is a selection of slogans (based by the outcomes of my internet search on this topic, the market for wine tasting t-shirts is doing quite well):

  • This wine is seriously elevating my game.
  • The taste of wine improves as it ages. When I drink wine, I feel much better.
  • Get me drunk, and then watch me leave.
  • My hobby is tasting different wines.
  • Wine is all that the ladies care about.
  • It was the merlot that sold me.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the rosé.
  • I make pour decisions.
  • Hakuna moscato


Around a week ago, a man arrived in wearing a long, curly, black wig along with a matching mustache and a set of very 1970s sunglasses.

He also wore a pair of sunglasses with a square frame. I am still confused about the reason for his celebration.

And even more strangely, everyone else in his group appeared to be dressed just how one would anticipate for a day of wine sampling.

It's possible that he got his dates and happenings mixed up.


At 8wine10, we don't care if you're wearing a ridiculously tacky Christmas suit, a tank top and a tutu, a top hat, a chicken costume, or even a tiara.

We'll treat you with the same level of respect regardless of what you're wearing.

You are welcome in this space regardless of what you are wearing (with the possible exception of a nightgown or a hospital gown).

Therefore, put on your preferred "wine attire," and make your way over here! Oh, and don't forget to take a whiff of that rosé!

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