Lies To Avoid About Wine Becomes Better With Age So Do T-Shirts

Lies To Avoid About Wine Becomes Better With Age So Do T-Shirts

December 16, 2022

Wine Becomes Better With Age So Do T-Shirts

In case you hadn't noticed, Fashion Week in New York City has already come to a close.

And once again, there was no discussion of men's T-shirts at this event.

How is it that this is even possible?

I figured that in between the articles, blogs, and pictorial spreads on sequined kimono coats, pastel-printed skirts, and parachute pants.

There would be at least one small mention of how guys continue to buy T-shirts.

When they already have more than they'll ever wear in their lifetime squeezed into their dresser drawers.

I was wrong. There was no mention.


You might be wondering why I would anticipate reading about such a fashion faux pas in the first place.

Because people are always questioning why I need to buy yet another T-shirt.

When I won't get rid of the ones I already have, and because I refuse to do so.

I basically take it for granted, or sort of hope.

That I'm not the only one who collects what are undoubtedly unsightly undergarments that are worn casually as outer clothing.

There are undoubtedly millions of guys throughout the world and possibly millions of men in this country who also have what seems to be an unending collection of T-shirts.

Or at the very least a dozen guys who have a few shirts in excess of what they require.


Of course, the actual issue here is not whether guys have an excessive amount of T-shirts or a deficient amount of T-shirts. In point of fact, we do.

But we okay, I have had this fixation about maintaining available a steady supply of old, well-worn, loose-fitting apparel.

That sends the message to the world, "I don't care what I look like today!"

That certainly makes a statement in terms of fashion.

About be clear, I'm not referring to T-shirts that feature underwear or other inappropriate images.

Like those that are available today and which no one should ever wear in public.

No, I'm referring about the T-shirts that you purchased at that Grateful Dead performance almost two decades ago.


The ones that were being given away as part of a promotion at the county fair by a building contractor, a brewery, or a health clinic.

To name a few possible recipients.

Those for which you cheerfully part with twenty dollars when you register for the charity race.

You convince yourself that the money is going to a worthy cause, but the truth is that you only wanted the T-shirt in the first place.

The ones that you've had for such a long time that you can't remember when or how you obtained them.

Even the name of the company that was printed on the shirt is no longer in operation.


The ones that are stained with ketchup and mustard from each and every holiday picnic.

Those are the ones I like best.

And those are the ones that I'm always having to remove out of the rubbish bin;

They were a donation from my wife, who links worn out and tattered items with trash.

T-shirts are comparable to high-quality wines, as any knowledgeable clothing aficionado will attest to for you.

They must get older in order to offer the greatest amount of convenience. To convey actual taste to take a breath.

Wait a few years before doing anything with them.


When we talk about breathing, Bonnie continues to dismiss the obvious health benefits of some of the older models of shirts.

That give random ventilation breezeways.

These shirts have been around for a long time. They are referred to as holes by Mrs. Negative.

Imagine my surprise when I happened to locate my "Property of the Kentucky Colonels" T-shirt. 

Which is still reasonably functional despite having been in the rag pile for quite some time.

This shirt has been in the bedroom with me for longer than my wife has been with me and is older than my children.


"Are you planning on using this to dust?" I inquired with consternation while taking care not to move it around for fear that the other sleeve would come off.

"It's torn in two places."

"A breezeway with ventilation!"

"It has a greater number of ventilation holes than the substance. I've never even seen you wear this."

"This is a shirt that's reserved for exceptional occasions."

"Is there even a team with these members?"

"No, and because of that, I don't put that on. It's a collector's item, so you can't really consider it a waste of money".

"Do you have any idea how much I could receive for this item if I sold it on eBay?"


She said something about wanting to throw it into a harbor as she walked away from the scene.

I folded it up with extreme care, and then I crammed it into the dresser.

After another five years, I believe it will finally be ready to be worn.

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