Which Of These 4 Entertaining Wine Myths Is Actually True?

Which Of These 4 Entertaining Wine Myths Is Actually True?

January 22, 2023

Which of These 4 Entertaining Wine Myths Is Actually True?

Wine is both one of the most intellectually challenging and entertaining beverages that can be found everywhere in the world.

The challenge with wine, on the other hand, is that there are so many facets of it to which one must become familiar.

Wine might be scary for people who have never tried it before.

Because there are so many myths surrounding the fermentation of grape juice.

At eightwineten, we're working hard to dispel some of these misconceptions about wine and illustrate that, contrary to popular belief.

What follows is a comparison of the facts and myths surrounding wine.

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1. You are required to use a glass with a stem when drinking wine. Which is it, the facts or the fiction?

This one presents a challenge. The choice to use stemmed wine glasses is purely one of personal preference.

Despite their attractive appearance, there is nothing inherently flawed about them.

Connoisseurs may argue that the stem is necessary to keep you from warming the wine with the warmth of your palm.

But if you are holding your stemless wine glass for such a lengthy period of time, you are drinking it incorrectly.

Reduce the amounts for yourself and your guests, and then top off the glasses as needed.


There is no possibility that the wine would become undrinkable due to the warmth generated by your body.

You can also just enjoy it as a pleasant drink by simply adding some ice to it. This is a good option if you are not a connoisseur.

What is the decision? False! Both stemmed and stemless wine glasses are perfectly acceptable for drinking wine.

2. Ice should be used to chill white wine before serving. Which is it, the facts or the fiction?

It is correct that white wine, along with rosé and sparkling wine, ought to be served at a temperature that is lower than that of red wine.


The reason for this is that red wine is typically more fragrant (volatile).

Than white wine and hence requires higher temperatures to bring out its full potential.

Regardless of the type of wine being served, it is never a good idea to serve it at a temperature that is too chilly.

There's no denying that it's crisp, but you'remissing out on the aromas  of the wine!

The ideal serving temperature for white, rosé, and sparkling wines is between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Which is just slightly higher than the temperature in your refrigerator.


If the wine has more body, you can serve it at a slightly higher temperature, up to 12 degrees Celsius.

Red wines are best enjoyed at temperatures between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius.

Don't get too worked up about the temperature of the wine; all you need to do is make sure it's chilly to the touch.

What is the decision? False! When served at too low of a temperature, the wine loses its character.

Both the temperature and the alcohol content are excessive.


3. Wine with a screw cap is of poor quality. Which is it, the facts or the fiction?

There was a time when a screw top, sometimes known as a screw cap, was the type of closure used on the least expensive wines.

Which were also typically of lesser quality.

And snooty wine aficionados refused to consume anything not capped with a cork.

Today, we know that screw tops are not nearly as awful as they used to be, and some winemakers are even using them on their most expensive wines!

The thing is, screw caps are more complex than ever.

If you thought that wine couldn't "breathe" when it was capped with a screw top, you should think again.


Now, the newer variants of the closure allow for some gas exchange.

If you thought that wine couldn't "breathe," you should think again.

The verdict? False! It's amazing how well screw tops work! Cork is too, but the closure might be seeing the end of its empire.

4. Pink wine has a feminine vibe. Which is it, the facts or the fiction?

When are we going to become adults? Pink stuff is for girls and blue items for boys. We can tell you right now this is not true!

Actually, pink wine (AKA rosé) is great. To begin, it is never beyond one's financial means.


Second, due to the fact that it is invigorating and satisfies the thirst. 

This is the ideal wine to serve at barbecues and pool parties held in the garden.

Let's give rosé some respect. No matter your gender, if you have a glass of rosé wine in your hand, you will look very stunning.

You should really treat yourself to a "Rosé the Day Away Stemless Glass" so that you may demonstrate to everyone else how it's done.

The verdict? False. Rosé is for aficionados, regardless of their gender.

If you see someone drinking pink wine, you can be sure they have a solid grasp of the wine world.

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